Design mentoring

by Gregory Wolanski

Let’s talk about design

You & 2 other designers, online, audio + video, every 2 weeks, 1.5 hours

The story behind this page

I’m trying to keep growing as a designer. I recently realised a pro bono project for a non–governmental organisation. I started writing. I’m looking for an open source project in need of design help.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about peer–mentoring groups. I searched for a group for designers like me, but couldn’t find any — hence this page you’re reading and the initiative to create the group.

  • Become a better designer
    Get out of your comfort zone. Make stuff. Discuss ideas. Share your knowledge. Practice receiving and giving constructive critiques. And do all this in a safe environment.
  • Stop boring your friends with shop talk
    Work is important, but that’s not a reason to bother your friends. Talk about work with other designers and unlearn the bad habit of mentioning it to your friends. Be present.
  • Focus & get things done
    It’s much easier to do things when you can commit to them in a trusted circle and count on checking your progress and obstacles every 2 weeks.
  • Save money
    You cannot simply buy most of the things that characterise a good designer. With that being said, it’s worth it to have 2 fellow designers with whom you can consult about the purchase of a book, course, piece of software or hardware.

  • Designers whose primary language is not English
    This is a group for people who know English and use it every day, but only passively. They read books, watch movies, listen to podcasts. They do not use English actively in their daily work.
  • People who do design
    You will not find people who are just considering working as a designer or taking their first steps towards a career in design in this group. You will not find people here who decided to switch from design to management either (although there’s nothing wrong about that :)).
  • Online
    For people who live outside of San Francisco, New York, Chicago, London, Paris and Tokyo.
  • Audio + video
    To get as hi–fi image of our “personas” as possible using the technology we’ve got.
  • In a small circle
    3 designers. Because 2 people are not enough, and groups of more than 3 seem to have only negative consequences.
  • 1.5 hours
    20 minutes for you, 20 minutes for each of the other 2 designers (yes, I know that leaves us a few minutes to spare :)).
  • Every 2 weeks
    Regular meetings that don’t interfere with your everyday life. Effective, but without pressure.
  • Convenient hours
    We take time zones into consideration and choose times that suit all 3 designers well.

How to join

Email me at :)

Who am I, anyway?

My name is Greg Wolanski and I’m a designer.

I work in client services and design software. Once mainly for phones and tablets, more recently for the web again.

I live and work in Warsaw — the capital of Poland (Europe).

I can code and I’m awful at creating visual identities (I’m superb at adapting existing ones to UIs and developing them there, but I’m very bad at creating identities from scratch).

If I had to introduce myself to a stranger with one word, that word would be “designer”.

If I could introduce myself with two words, they would be “designer” and “software” or “interaction” (not necessarily in that order). Probably not “product”, because that brings to mind physical objects, with which I have nothing to do. I would certainly not use the term “UX” — that says too much. “UI”, however, doesn’t say enough.

What if I could introduce myself in three words? You don’t even want to read the answer. :D

Once again, how to join?

Email me at :)

Thanks for reading! Enjoy the rest of your day.