By now sustainable has become an annoying buzz word even big brands started to abused it in their advertising. Nothing new — advertising and corporate communication will always pick up buzz words for their claims — just remember eco back in 2005.

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This is the reason we need a new and even more clear direction that will be hard to fake into simple claims. Sustainable will always be about the impact on society, the local economy and the environment. I do believe sustainable brands will be the only way to go as soon as people will truly understand the impact of the non-local brands. The worst thing we are currently doing is still transferring goods. This is a real problem. Avoiding local resources and production got us into this in the first place. Coming up with buzz words like eco, recyclable, sustainable, etc does not help it just makes us feel better. Just remember how they all talk about how eco-friendly biodegradable recyclable — insert a word — plastic is ok — it took us 10 years to understand that NONE of the plastic is ok. …

It took me 3 years to update my web. Don’t ask me why, but it sure took an extra mile to put most of the things up there (still working on it).

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But I manages to put 70 projects up there with around 600 images and videos. A lot of new things I never published and old things you might forgotten…so happy browsing:

I think I finally have a place where I will be able to put most of the I do on one place. Next thing, besides the shop , will be talking a bit more about the studio life and process behind the work.

Lately, I have been involved in a few branding projects where I accidentally bumped into people thinking half way there is a good start.

Thinking like that will only get you in trouble.

In this immense and fast communication word, the importance of branding is probably as high as it will ever be. The branding, the story, the product that must be done, finished, perfect, over the limits and through a few brick walls. Sounds like a lot of work… well, it is.

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Is perfection worth the trouble?
Imagine you put something out knowing it could be better. That little voice in your head would just not stop yelling. Most of the time perfection is an illusion in the pursuit of that form, but you can get close and it is worth it. …


gregor zakelj

Founder and Art Director at @vbgdesign studio, founder of Dimension Two Longboards, host of @Ljubljana_CM, feeling @thetopshit, beeing a creature, alive, lost.

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