Advice for Overcoming Presentation Nerves

For some business presenters, nervousness is a temporary condition. When they’ve moved past the first few minutes, their nerves seem to float away.

For other presenters, nervousness is long-lasting and debilitating. It never goes away, even when the presentation is going well. We’ve heard this described as having an out-of-body experience, or experiencing an eleven on a nervousness scale of one to ten. Others describe it as a screeching in their heads or swirling the drain.

Regardless of how you might describe it, it’s unpleasant. If you suffer from that kind of presentation nervousness, and if presenting is a regular…

What We Wish Everyone Knew

Storytelling for Business

There’s no debate about the power of storytelling. Stories persuade and inspire. They paint a compelling picture in the mind’s eye. They bring complex data to life. They build trust and understanding between storyteller and listener.

The need for better business storytelling comes up in nearly every sales conversation my colleagues and I have with clients and prospects.

In the classroom (we teach communication skills), most learners agree that stories are useful tools, but most of them also believe they’re not very good at storytelling.

So, if everyone sees the benefit of stories, why aren’t we confident about telling them…

Greg Owen-Boger

VP, Turpin Communication: Presentation Coach, Trainer, Author, Speaker

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