Let it out

If you have a candle, the light won’t glow any dimmer if I light yours off of mine – Steven Tyler

I have an Aunt who works in palliative care. I harder job I can not imagine. She tells me stories of people nearing the end of their life. For some they are alone, have no visitors coming by, not capable to do the things you once could, pride and dignity taken away, a death sentence looming. A very dark time.

Stepping outside of the hospice, we are being bombarded with darkness. Turn on the news and it can be overwhelming. Terrorism, corrupt politics, our earth suffering. We rarely hear about what is good and use the phrase “good doesn’t sell very well” to justify that. Even our preachers can tell us five bullet points a week on things we’re doing wrong. An optimistic outlook is hard to find.

Back to my Aunt. Several years ago she was asking about somethings that had been going on in my life. Great things, achievements that I had worked hard on. I was sharing reluctantly, I suppose I didn’t not want to sound proud. My Aunt stopped me though and uttered some words that have forever changed my outlook.

When you have something good going on in your life you NEED to share it….. The World needs it

So I’ve taken this as a call to action. The World needs optimism and we are each responsible to share what we have with everyone else. If you are happy about something, tell everyone. If you have a passion share it with another. This is how we support each other. This is how we encourage one another. This is how we make the World around us a better place. It’s on us. Don’t shy away from sharing it.

From the day we’re born,

We are scared and torn,

We’ve been scared to sing out loud

But we don’t care no more,

Cause we know life is short,

We don’t care who hears us now

Breathe it in and let it out

- Switchfoot