Where to begin

Here I am, so many months later… distracted and unfocused. I guess you could say I’m having trouble knowing where to begin.

The enormous potential of the story I want to tell is met by the enormous work to get the story told. When I started in January of this year, I was determined to dedicate every spare minute working on this project. The reality of how much time I actually had hit me hard in the spring and here I am, no closer than I was then.

So, now resigned to the constraints of time… it’s more realistic to carve out 1 night a week and 1 weekend day a month that is uninterrupted and dedicated to this project.

Two things that are apparent to me now:

  • In order to do this properly, I need to invest in the right tools for the job and approach the beginnings of the work in a “test and learn” mindset. I generally know the visual language I’m going for — just need to test it out.
  • In reading Clayton Christiansen’s “How Will You Measure Your Life?”, I’ve learned that the journey is sometimes more enjoyable than the destination. In the book, Christiansen recalls a time when his children were small where they wanted a playhouse in the backyard. Instead of assembling a pre-built house, he opted for something he and his children could plan and build together. Because his kids were active in the planning and building of the playhouse, they learned more about the process and appreciated the end result more. With that concept in mind, my children will not only observe the end result — they will participate in the creation. Two outcomes being that they might become more intimate with their Pepere and learn first hand about the intricacies of filmmaking.

All that said, Tuesdays are a fine day to start digging back in. I think I will spend it shopping for lights, microphones and tripods. Time to dig out old college books on harnessing and augmenting natural light — or in today’s age, I bet there’s a YouTube video.

Until next Tuesday!

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