3 Keys to Recruiting All-star Business Teams

Jim Rohn said it best. Wealth is created in teams. I want you to be wildly successful so let’s talk about joining or recruiting an amazing team.

Over the last several years I have been building teams in the network marketing industry. My mentor Trevor is a master recruiter and looking back I realized he naturally utilized the three keys to recruiting when enrolling me in a partnership several years ago.

First, Trevor has a huge heart. He loves people. Whether it’s a billionaire or homeless person, Trevor always makes an effort to influence that persons life and make it better. That overarching attitude sets the foundation of why he is able to recruit incredible people to his team.

Next, Trevor Utilized The first Key to Recruiting: The Most Important Question:


Most people miss the foundation of recruiting. They think recruiting is about finding a great person for THEIR team. In fact, it’s almost the opposite. It is relatively simple to find a great person for your team. With a little work and some referrals you can identify some great candidates. Now its your job to do everything in your power to set up the person in front of you for success. Recruiting is about THEM, not you. When Trevor was recruiting me, he dug as deep as he could in our conversation to try and understand:

  • How can could help me thrive
  • How he could help me feel fulfilled
  • How could he help me surpass my financial and creative goals
  • How he could help me have more fun
  • How could he help me develop an amazing lifestyle

Don’t make the mistake on forcing an amazing person to sell themselves on why they should work with you. You should be selling them, on how you can make their life better. If you can’t do that, then help them find a different team where they can thrive.

The Second Key To Recruiting: Sellucation

Sellucation is a term that may have been coined by Mike Dillard in his book Magnetic Sponsoring. Mike built a massive business with huge teams of extraordinary people by selling and recruiting through education. Just like Mike Dillard, Trevor gave me several ideas and resources during our initial conversations. He taught me some secrets to develop passive income. He also taught me methods which would help me build an amazing network. Sharing great ideas that help your candidate is attractive. Recruiting is an attraction process not a selling process.

The Third Key To Recruiting: An Irresistible Environment

When Trevor was recruiting me he showed me glimpses of his world. He introduced me to people who developed massive enterprises. He brought me to events and gatherings that were fun and mentally invigorating. He helped me converse with other successful entrepreneurs that I wanted to emulate. I remember one of the first people Trevor introduced me to was his friend Jordan. Jordan was earning close to 5 million dollars per year and his business systems were so well developed that his business ran almost entirely without him. Jordan was also the type of success story where the money did not get to his head. He was humble, kind, and generous with his time.

Trevor’s world was both irresistible and authentic. Even though I had another career and other business projects, I had to make time to be a part of his team and his world.

Parting thoughts:

I find there is tremendous power in bringing the right people together. The personal development legend Jim Rohn may have said it best when he explained,

“The storyteller said, one man or woman can become so powerful he or she can defeat a thousand… but when two come together, they can defeat ten thousand… giving us the notion of the power of ten… and the understanding that when the right people come together, nothing is impossible.”

Now let’s go out and build an all-star team.

Your friend,