Beach Money: Four ways to make money remotely while traveling the world

Do you want to travel the beaches of the world but still make enough money to have a warm bed, a great meal, and some income left over to grow your savings and investments?

Here are fours ways to do it:

1. Identify remote work and then outsource it

A great way to make money is through outsourcing. Here how you do it. Go on websites that post jobs where you can work remotely. There are at least 20 great sites that post this type of work. Look for the most basic jobs such as data entry or research tasks. Apply to do the work. Once you win the job build a team to help you complete each task. Find outsources on and pay them to do the work for you! I personally use a team in Pakistan who charges me $3 an hour and can do almost anything that is not too complicated. If I find a project that pays $10–20 an hour and my outsourced team is charging me $3 an hour, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that there is some lucrative arbitrage in outsourcing. If you want outsourcers that are a little more expensive but high quality, you can use my friend to hire them at You will probably pay about $500 a month for one of his workers in the Philippines, but if you can find jobs that pay you a few thousand dollars a month that is obviously a margin you can work with. I recommend trying out a few different people on until you find a person or team that you like.

2. Keep doing the same thing that you are doing.

Don’t panick. You can always just keep working in the same field you use to work in. Instead of doing accounting work or project management or whatever you did in your old life, just do the same thing remotely. Search for all the websites that post “work from home” or “work remotely” jobs and apply for jobs that let you work from home.

3. Create a low end membership business.

What are you interested in or good at? Let’s say you are a good soccer player and trainer. Create a business with this offering: [Pay me $10 a month and I will send you 3 incredible text messages a week to help you become a better soccer player. In each text, you will get a link to a youtube video with some training tips. You will get a list of 3 exercises to do. You will get another link to an article to read about soccer training and strategy.] To set up the infrastructure for this simple business, go online and search text message marketing. Create an account with one of the dozens of companies that can help you set up that system. Create the content over a few days for the entire year of the three text messages per week that need to be sent out. Then spend the next several weeks reaching out to people and suggesting they should try your service for only $10 a month. People love things that are cheap but give them a lot of value. They also love text messages since emails suck and get lost in endless inboxes. You can duplicate this same business plan for anything that you are good at. Hustle until you have 100 members paying $10 a month so you are earning $1000 a month. When I say hustle I mean go on facebook messenger and reach out to friends. Go on facebook groups and build relationships until you have enough friends who will try your service. Remember in many countries an extra $1000 a month can go a long way. This isn’t as good as the last option coming up where you are earning true residual income on essential services, but its a solid model since you are creating recurring revenue.

4. Build passive income with the premier high end network marketing company

My favorite way to earn money remotely is by partnering with a high end network marketing company called ACN. For the last 5 years I have worked with ACN to grow a residual income stream. ACN uses a simple system to help people earn money on expenses that everyone has to pay for anywhere in the world. Everyone pays bills such as phone service, electricity, tv, and internet, at their home and credit card processing if they have a business. ACN simply helps people make money on those bills. How does it work? ACN helps people set up a fully functioning online business where you can gather customers and expand through partnering with other affiliates all over the globe. I teach people and support them in building a customer base by using this video: Secondly, I help people scale their business through partnerships. We simply show sharp ambitious people all over the globe this video with our business plan: Ultimately, if you can put in the work over time to build a passive income stream that pays you thousands of dollars every month RESIDUALLY, that is the ideal roadmap to traveling the world and working remotely. (Find out more by reading an article I wrote about ACN here)

Even if you are traveling the world and making money remotely you will probably needs some help. Reach out to me and we can figure out what strategies work best for you.

Your friend,