How Events Can Change Your Life

  • One idea from an event can create positive ripples through you mind
  • Become ok with changing your mind
  • Focus on the best parts of events, ignore the rest
  • Leverage several aspects of the event to propel your life and business success

I’m referring to three types of events: (1) educational seminars (2) business opportunity briefings (3) personal development trainings

All three of these events can have drastic positive impacts on your life if you utilize events properly. Below are four ways to leverage events to accelerate your success.

  1. Inception — an idea can be so powerful it can complete change your life forever.

The movie inception took a darker view on the point i’m trying to make. However, the movie did display the message that an idea, which is planted in your mind, can completely revolutionize your life forever. Educational seminars, business opportunity briefings, and personal development events are a hot bed of amazing ideas. If you latch on to one great idea from an event it can ripple through your thinking, your actions, and transform your circumstances.

2. Become ok with changing your mind

First of all, its ok to challenge ideas. You don’t have to agree with what the speaker says. One of my favorite authors and spiritual teachers Anthony De Mello explains, “I don’t mean you have to agree with what I’m saying. That wouldn’t be listening. Believe me, it doesn’t really matter if you agree with what i’m saying or you don’t. Because agreement and disagreement have to do with words and concepts and theories. They don’t have anything to do with truth. Truth is never expressed in words. Truth is sighted suddenly as a result of a certain attitude. So you can disagree with me and still sight the truth. But there has to be an attitude of openness, a willingness to discover something new.”

To explain further, I learned it is important to be ok with changing my mind when one of my mentors named Jerry Clark taught me a valuable lesson. He said, “Your best thinking, your absolute best thinking got you where you are today. Once you realize the truth in that, you will need new thinking to get you where you want to go.” In other words, make sure you are truly open to a new idea even if you initially reject it. That idea could change your life.

3. Focus on the best parts of the event, ignore the rest.

At the beginning of events there is usually loud music and a lot of hype to get people in a heightened state. I’m a pretty low key guy and get annoyed by hype and overly excited atmospheres at times. I have learned to ignore those parts of events and focus on the ideas that are being shared and the ones that can accelerate my growth.

4. Leverage several aspects of the event to propel your life and business success

There are so many different ways you can leverage an event.

  • Leverage the event to accelerate your education
  • Leverage the event to meet new people and enhance your networking
  • Leverage an event by bringing your inner circle to the event so that the information you all take away helps bring everyone into mental alignment.

When you get a group of people to learn the same life or business principles it acts as a vehicle to help people work together for mutual benefit.

I have an incredible event this weekend which made me think of the concepts in this article. We are going to bring people together to hear a business briefing. The main presenter has had more successes then 99.9% of anyone else in the world of business. I’m sure there will be incredible lessons to be learned from his story.

Ideas will be shared. Minds will come into mental alignment. Lives will be altered.

Remember to use events to inject some rocket fuel into your success.

Your friend,