The Extra Income Stream Designed for the Business Professional

One of the best ways to earn extra income, specifically passive residual income, as a business professional is through high end network marketing.

I have worked in corporate america. I have owned businesses in the past. I found the best way to buy my time back through passive income was by partnering with a high end network marketing company called ACN. For almost a decade I have helped other corporate business professionals and business owners develop their own additional income stream.

What is ACN?

A high end network marketing business that helps people save money and EARN recurring passive income on services everyone has to pay for every month at their home or business. These services include cell service, electric, gas, internet, cable, solar energy, and credit card processing. (For full details on our business plan watch my partner Nathan Goldberg explain how we help others make money at

What are the benefits of setting up a part time business through a high end network marketing system? Here are 34 short and simple points that will help you understand the benefits of developing a passive income with ACN…

  1. Passive income is key. Everyone should be pursuing passive income streams which lead to time freedom.
  2. Residual bills = residual income. There are very few things that people pay every month. Be in the business of collecting a percentage of what people have to pay every month.
  3. You need support to run a part-time business. ACN helps you lean on a large support network to maximize your part time effort to build a 2nd income stream.
  4. Simplicity is key. People pay bills — we help people earn money on bills.
  5. One more time… Keep it simple! Every business gathers customers and expands by partnering with other people.
  6. Gathering customers is as simple as sending people a link with a 1 minute video explanation and a survey to find out the best ways to save them money. Here is the link I use:
  7. The simple way to expand or scale the business is by partnering with people that we like and trust that want to earn an additional income stream. Show them our business plan at and see if we are a good fit to make money together.
  8. Franchising is the way to scale. Instead of owning 50 McDonald’s which will cost you about 100 million dollars to set up, own 50 ACN franchises that takes a few hundred dollars to set up. You can even call it McUtilities.
  9. Every small effort adds to your residual income. Paychecks from traditional jobs won’t last forever because jobs don’t last forever. A customer that pays a bill forever can create an income that lasts forever.
  10. Our business is lower cost and less risky than real estate investing. Buying rental properties and collecting rental checks every month is an awesome way to make recurring money, but it takes a lot of capital and expertise to get started.
  11. If you are not in the rental income business, get into the utility business. Understand that some entity collects on utilities such as phone payments and electricity every month — ACN simply helps you become that entity.
  12. ACN give you a way to make money on real estate INDIRECTLY. Every building, every apartment, and every business has bills. Imagine getting paid on all the bills at small or large real estate buildings. We help people earn money on the building without having to actually buy the building.
  13. Earn income on your own bills every month. ACN helps you get paid on your own expenses. Instead of the 10% commission going to the guy at the cell phone store who sold you the verizon service it makes more sense for you to make the monthly commission instead.
  14. Get services for free. ACN has a referral program where you refer a few customers and the result is you get your cell phone service and electric service for free every month… savings thousands of dollars per year.
  15. Get into network marketing… the right way. Most business professionals like the idea of network marketing to have a team of distributors to help them make money and leverage the efforts of a group to build a residual income BUT they don’t want to be the guy or girl selling knives to his or her neighbors. Product based businesses can hurt your professional image. However, its it just sounds classy when you say something such as… “Outside of my career i’m partnered with a company that helps business professionals earn passive income on the expenses we all have to pay for on a monthly basis.” That just makes sense and is smart business.
  16. Most people have no way of making money WITH their connections. Since everyone has monthly expenses at their home or business, ACN allows people to finally have a way to have the option of doing business with almost anyone in their network.
  17. Helping others make money is one key to success. If you want to get ahead, stop thinking of just yourself and help others make money. Win-wins lead to success.
  18. Everyone knows someone starting a business. Make sure you friend who starts a business runs the credit card processing through you. Instead of the bank collecting a small percentage every time a credit card gets swiped at your friends business — it might as well be you. This is one of the best ways to make passive income and ACN helps you do that.
  19. Most people have no way to make money globally. If you know anyone who lives abroad or if anyone in our network of affiliates knows anyone overseas, we can help them partner with us as well. Imagine if someone in london or australia or japan or mexico pays the cell phone bill or an electric bill and you got paid every month.
  20. Work from your cell phone. To grow an ACN business all you need is text messaging, facebook messenger, facebook groups, and maybe linkedin and skype. We have all the tools we need to build relationships around the world and communicate right from our phones.
  21. Work very part time. We are all extremely busy. The only way to build a second business is to fit it in the nooks and crannies of your schedule. Just be consistent.
  22. Leverage a team. Have your support team help you grow your business. While you’re at work you can have your support team help you.
  23. Stop working alone. The only way any business grows is to have business partners, affiliates, or multiple locations. We all only have 24 hours in a day! ACN helps you partner with other people so you can LEVERAGE your time. My mentor said, if you are the only one responsible for your income, you better change that!
  24. Everyone knows at least one business owner. Finally you will have a way to make money with our business owner friends. Giving them a way to save money and make money on the expenses on their own business is a huge win for them. By the way, you get a small percentage of their bills every month as well for helping them save money or earn money on their own bills.
  25. Work with a world class company. If you are going to partner with anyone make sure they are world class. ACN has been dominating the essential services industry and residual income development business for over two decades in 25 countries.
  26. Is your goal to make a few hundred dollars a month or tens of thousands of dollars a month? Earn whatever you want! You will work for every dollar here but there are no limits on your efforts.
  27. “The only free cheese is in the mousetrap.” Let me say this another way. “If its easy its probably sleazy.” All businesses take hard work to build and are have with endless obstacles and setbacks. Don’t ever tell people that earning passive income is going to be easy. It’s hard.
  28. However, if you are going to work anyway, for the love of god do something that helps you build passive residual income. Once you have money coming in every month that pays all your expenses every month, you never have to work again. You simple work how and when you choose to.
  29. There are a lot of ways to make money.
  30. There are only a few ways to make money that pay you residually.
  31. ACN is one way.
  32. It’s not the only way, it’s just one of the smartest and simplest ways.
  33. Earn income, have a support team, keep your other career or other business, and build an income stream that will allow you to have the time to truly focus on the important things in life.
  34. Reach out to me to discuss further…

Your friend,