The Ultraconnector: A Step beyond A Superconnector

One day in New York City a man dropped out of the sky and had a conversation with me. His name was Sam. Ok, he didn’t drop out of the sky, but it felt that way. Sam is what I call an Ultraconnector, which is a step above a Superconnector.

A Superconnector is an expert connector. They build deep relationships. They magically bridge gaps and add tremendous value to people’s lives. They are Webspinners.

An Ultraconnector takes it to the next level by helping people connect with exactly the person they need to meet, in an environment that is unforgettable.

Sam had a client once in London named John, who hired him to help make extremely high quality connections for business development purposes. Sam found a gentleman named Ben that he wanted his client John to meet. Sam knew that if the two of them worked together, their businesses could grow exponentially.

Sam helped John invite Ben to a movie premiere in London. Sam escorted his client John to the premiere and got him red carpet access. When they arrived they were walking amongst celebrities on the red carpet separate from the hundreds of raving fans yelling from behind the ropes. John was mesmerized and overflowing with excitement. Sam hired a PR person to escort Ben to the red carpet and informed Ben that it was John’s idea to invite him to the movie premiere (even though it wasn’t).

Sam made the introduction between John and Ben and they were able to have a quick 2 minute conversation on the red carpet. They were immediately laughing and smiling at the atmosphere and energy from the event. The group walked up to the entrance inside the building in the cocktail area, but not yet into the theater.

After a half hour of mingling with the other red carpet attendees, Sam whispered to his client John, “Movie premieres can be hit or miss and I don’t want to take a chance of ruining the night. We just wanted to experience the atmosphere here, — let Ben know that we now we have a car waiting to take us to the real event.” John relayed the message to his new friend Ben who was in awe at the entire situation already and now very excited about their mysterious next stop.

They drove over to the Museum of Natural History in London, still not knowing what they were getting themselves into. When they arrived, they found the area in front of the museum illuminated with massive fire burning torches. There were a dozen Nascar vehicles parked outside the museum. At the top of the steps stood the head of Nascar who was throwing a private party that night for a few hundred celebrities and influential people. (A weeks earlier Sam found out that Ben was a HUGE fan of Nascar)

The party was incredible and within minutes the two men and their wives were having a blast. To their surprise, out of nowhere, Lady Gaga arrived to do a private concert for this small group of about 500 people. Just when things were getting too good to be true.. Sam whispered instructions to John, “Tell Ben the car is waiting and we will be going to the after party for the movie premier we went to earlier.” John said, “Wow that’s awesome but what will we say to people when they ask Ben and I if we liked the movie?” Sam said, “Just tell them that you were at the red carpet, and then had to go to the Nascar party at the Museum of Natural History.” John replied, “Wow, that makes sense.” John relayed the message to his new friend and went on to continue this magical night and form a lifelong personal and business relationship with Ben.

Sam is an Ultraconnector. He helps his clients build relationships with the exact people they need to meet, in amazing environments. These connections help their businesses explode. Each year Sam’s goal is to have fewer and fewer clients. He is able to do this by adding so much value that every year his clients offer to pay him more and more. Sam is then able to work with fewer and fewer people while simultaneously making a greater impact through the ripple effects of his efforts.

Here’s the best part. There is an Ultraconnector in all of us. Go build bridges and watch the magic unfold.

Your friend,


P.S. If you want my friend Sam to help you with business development I will see if I can catch him the next time he drops out of the sky.