.@SenSanders will win so long as #BabyBoomers are outnumbered when it counts

Until 2015, I had spent the last 36 years registered as Non-Partisan.

Sanders inspired me to change that so that I could vote for him in the closed primaries in PA.

What will make the difference for him in the primaries and in the general election is what made the difference for Obama.

It’s not aging, white Baby Boomers like me.

It will be young voters.
It will be minority voters.
It will be the poor and working class voters.
It will be voters who reject the fear, hatred, bigotry, and absurdity of the GOP.

These are the people who need to hear his message. They need to hear and understand that he is the best candidate in this race for EVERY American, even those voters outside the One Percent who have been duped into believing that they are Republicans.


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