When is far, too far?

By Gregory Siqueiros

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, directed by Zack Snyder. (2016), Film

Superman where are you now? This 1986 song by Genesis, echos in my head as I write this article about the recent events taking place in New York City. No, this isn’t about condemning police or the side that I anti-police, but rather the coward act’s perpetrated against New York’s Finest. Random people dumping buckets of water onto the hard-working men and women of the NYPD. Is this what our great country has come to? Disrespecting the protectors of peace and order by publicly humiliating them, hoping it will provoke them to act in self-defense to further prove the point that all cops are bad? I flashback to a time in the distant past, where completing the police academy, and putting on that uniform was truly a noble thing, where the badge was respected, and you were often looked to as a protector such as Superman or Batman. Your word was taken at face value, because of the oath you swore to protect and serve, even if it meant laying down your life.

Fast-forward to 2019, where it’s okay to deface police cars and humiliate those who wear the uniform. Is this how twisted the public has become to think this is normal practice, but yet when danger appears, they also look to the ones they humiliated for protection. Today’s Police Officer’s still run to the cry’s of help, but unlike in the past, they (police officers) question if every step they take and every word they speak, in fear of being fired, sued or arrested for making a decision in the blink of an eye, that committee, news outlets, and social media will have months to scrutinize.

Why the hell would anyone choose this thankless often deadly profession? For the one percent of the population, there’s a selfless drive to protect others. To become the Shepard to protect the flock from the wolves that prey on the innocence and weakness of others. Believe it or not, there’s good in the hearts of those that wear this uniform with the ever-so present target on their back, but yet they answer that call day in and day out. Their thanked by being doused with buckets of water, plummeted with rocks and other thoughtless acts every step of the way.

Bad apples exist in every profession, Law Enforcement is no exception. But for the thousands that protect and serve, less than one percent are bad and do not deserve to wear the uniform. The rest of my brother and sisters, bear the cross and scrutiny of those who decided to tarnish their badge, by limiting the tools and tactics needed to defend themselves. In closing, before you take out your cell phone to record a potential “TMZ Payday” Video, look at the situation unfolding around you, and if you can lend a hand by calling 9–1–1 or assist with a description, please do. Unless you have first-hand knowledge on the situation going on, don’t be quick to judge, remember in law enforcement, you have to a take a tenth of a second to make a potentially life-changing decision that many will Monday morning quarterback for years to come.

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