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There are many views of our nation’s military. Some good, some bad, but that never-ending cliché used constantly, rears its ugly head. “Thank you for your service!” Just what exactly is that “Service?” It should be noted, I am not criticizing the genuine gratitude of the civilian population, rather just pointing out the empty thanks that, we veterans see through your thanks. But this piece rather is about what goes through the minds of our vets, when reminded of their service.

The Path of the Warrior

Before we dive into that pit of demons and vipers, let us look at the…

When is far, too far?

By Gregory Siqueiros

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, directed by Zack Snyder. (2016), Film

Superman where are you now? This 1986 song by Genesis, echos in my head as I write this article about the recent events taking place in New York City. No, this isn’t about condemning police or the side that I anti-police, but rather the coward act’s perpetrated against New York’s Finest. Random people dumping buckets of water onto the hard-working men and women of the NYPD. Is this what our great country has come to? Disrespecting the protectors of peace and order by publicly humiliating them, hoping it will provoke them to…

By: Gregory Siqueiros

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For most managers starting out, getting to know your team and the people you work with is the most important agenda on your mind. Other types like to throw their weight around, feeling they have to show their power by wielding it over their subordinates head. For most of us starting out in our first management position can bring some anxiety along with the other stresses involved with taking the management position. The ones I see the most success with, are the ones who take a true self-assessment of both their personal management style and professional style. …

The Importance of Understanding Mass for the Cradle Catholic

Written by Gregory Siqueiros

For the majority of us growing up Catholic, Sunday mornings meant waking up and going to mass as our parents did when they were young. This ritual for me, growing up in a small town in the Coachella Valley meant sitting next to my father’s mother Sunday mornings. My Paternal Grandmother was that traditional Hispanic woman who always sat in the same pew Sunday after Sunday, at the same 8 o’clock mass for decades. My older brother and I always wound up sitting next to her for…

Gregory Siqueiros

On this journey of the written word, to spread influence and advice on Business, Sports, Life, and the Catholic Faith.

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