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It is unfortunate that children that have not had a chance to explore life are caught in the cross fire of this social re-engineering project. When does the insanity stop? You have young boys pretending to be girls and girls pretending to be boys. You have Mothers that want to be Fathers and Sons who want to be daughters…. All for what? Personally, the whole “transgender” behavior is a very selfish act without clearly defined ethical boundaries. What do I mean? A biological male interested in a biological female goes for an evening out. He meets a beautiful young lady (or so he thinks.) They decide to hook up, end up leaving together and head to his place. Imagine his surprise when he finds out the the “she” (really a he) comes with some extra equipment that he was not banking on. And, oh by the way, he/she did not mention. Comes down to integrity and ethics. Or the Son who decides that he wants to be a she without any considerations of the impact and the struggles that the parents will have to deal with and navigate. If the parents fail, they are labelled bad, unsupportive parents. — Again, very selfish. Got it. There are many that will lay out the gender confusion issue… Don’t deny it exists. However, at what point in our society did we get to that space and place that says less than ~10% of the total population has the right and the privilege to redefine society? There is no such thing as the “New Male” or “New Female.” What we have are dudes that want to act like and look like girls and girls that want to act and look like dudes. Regardless of how much hormone therapy occurs, it does not change the DNA of the biological composition that defines male and female. It does make them a “Poser.” It simply means they are altering their appearance to live a lie and asking society to buy in. I can not look a child in the eye and explain to them how a male can get pregnant (which his impossible) and have a baby. It is a female posing as a dude — In the final analysis, this is a complex and difficult issue. Both for the person experiencing gender confusion and those who do not understand. The problem is neither side wants to have an intelligent, respectful conversation to try and understand the other sides view.

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