How can teams manage and better organize their work?

When it comes to organizing ourselves within of a small to a medium sized team, a lot of us have been through the same processes and problems that are making us lose time and focus every day.

It generally starts with a plan

We all start by defining a project list, then a list of each milestone and finally a list of all the tasks involved.

Whatever the solution we are using, project management tools, kanban board or anything else, we always reach a point where we have to distribute the work between team members in the most effective way possible.

This is generally a very time-consuming task because we have to determine who should do what based on the skills of each member of the team as well as their availability, and we then have to balance the workload of each one so that things can move forward in the best way possible.

Once we start working, we can restart again and again…

As soon as the team moves the work forward, there are almost always 4 things happening:

  • Priorities change
  • We forgot about a task that needs to be done immediately because the next steps require it
  • A task needed much more time to be done than planned and another team member is waiting for it to be finished so he can do his job
  • Kevin finished earlier than expected and is asking you what he can do next because the rest of his tasks cannot be performed now (Yes, this guy is always named Kevin, don’t ask me why)

In any of these cases, we can restart again the same process:

  • checking what needs to be done
  • what are the priorities
  • who can do what
  • when is each team member available
  • balance the whole workload

This already looks complicated and I still haven’t mentioned that you have to consider dependencies, delays, deadlines, holidays and days-off, meetings, recurring work… What a headache!

I have worked with several teams in many different ways and even the best organized ones were always losing a lot of time with this or with a similar process.

For some of us, we don’t care too much anymore about it. We just pick up the next task that we can do and everybody starts to work on random shit.

But what are we supposed to do when, on top of that, our boss or the guy from the marketing team asks us:

“ when would this set of tasks potentially be done? ”

You are trying to handle this the best way possible and give your boss a deadline that you think may be possible but that finally would be exploded!

But what if you could better anticipate these kind of things (you will never be able to prevent them) and always be able to answer with confidence regarding timelines?

Couldn’t we, today, with all the great technology out there, have an intelligent system that does that for us?

That’s why I created

I decided that:

My mission, starting today, is to build the next generation of project/task management tool by automating what can be automated with the help of Artificial intelligence and Machine learning. is today only at the very beginning of this adventure and just a sneak peek of what’s possible and will come next. It is radically different from everything you have been using until today and I believe it is, already, the best way to manage projects and team work.

When entering tasks in, you need to define what skill is required to perform it. This allows its prediction engine to do all the heavy lifting for you.

It links your tasks to team members depending on their level of the required skill, their availability, the estimations of the task, meetings, recurrent tasks, holidays, delays, dependencies, …

It immediately warns you in case you have a deadline at risk and allows you to just focus on your priorities and see the effects of a priority change instantly.

At the same time, it is collaborative and you’ll have everything in the same place.

It is time for a new generation of tool

Give it a try and, please, give us feedback and explain tous, what your problems are. This is how we will be able to make evolve in the near future, by incorporating your needs.

Grégory STOOS, CEO & Founder of