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Greg Swierad
Oct 18, 2018 · 4 min read

[The original article has been published on CityMag.pl in Polish first. With permission of the service it has been translated into English and re-published]

Each of us has goals that we want or would like to achieve in life. Some are more approximate to our lives, simple to realize, others are more ambitious, which we want to implement in the long term. However, one or the other is always important to us. We manage to implement some of them and others we do not.

What determines the success of our goal?

Mainly success comes from our internal motivation and determination, which leads us to act towards our life goal. The environment is also important, as it either supports us and adds strength, or works just the opposite. However, regardless of how our goal is perceived in the immediate environment, our internal conviction and the ability to correctly formulate our intention and, consequently, establish a plan of action that will lead to its implementation is an important issue.

Usually, the specification of the goal and the action plan is the biggest problem for us to enter the path of achieving our intention. And at this stage, we leave our dreams far behind, as impossible to fulfill.

If you had, however, a personal trainer who would help you formulate your goal and serve advice in determining and implementing the individual steps of its achievement, would you find the motivation to implement it? I think that your dreams would take on a more realistic shape and become achievable. Therefore, install the HabitCoach application on your personal phone today.

What is HabitCoach?

HabitCoach is an innovative application that gives you all the necessary tools that will lead you to your goal in a quick and easy way. Using it, you can easily create a list of your own life goals and activities, taken straight from the most popular, and currently available on the market, motivational and coaching books.

The application has been created on the basis of over a thousand publications and materials developed by people of success, from various areas of life. It contains the necessary knowledge and experience of many success experts, therapists, and psychologists, who will give you strength to follow your dreams. HabitCoach is a compendium of knowledge currently available from various fields and areas of life. Thousands of solutions and advice, “How to achieve a goal,” in one application. All you need is a general outline of your intentions to start the adventure with HabitCoach.

How does HabitCoach work?

The application is available in the google shop on Android and iOS. Just download it on your smartphone. Next, create an account in the application by logging in with an email and password. The next step is to determine the nature of your goal. The application allows you to specify a maximum of three topics. On the basis of selected topics, you receive a set of books that are related to them.

You don’t have to read all of them at once, but the application directs you to specific issues contained in each. Choosing one of the many, you get the necessary knowledge on how to precisely and clearly describe your goal, and create the whole mechanism of actions leading to its implementation. In addition, you get to know the simple psychological steps that motivate your mind every day. What seems the least important to you in your everyday life can be very important in achieving your success.

Therefore, it is worth paying attention to everyday habits, such as perception of yourself, your own success or the environment, and thus change them in such a way as to be conducive to implementation and motivate you to act towards concrete achievements and victory, not to failure.

With the application, you will receive personal training from the best expert in your field, which will lead you from creation through action to the final materialization of your intentions.

Greg Swierad

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Founder of getHabitCoach.com — extremely actionable nonfiction book summaries.

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