Two habits that you will ever need

On the internet, everyone will give you a different set of habits: 20 habits of James Altucher, seven habits of Stephen R. Covey, and so on.

But there are only two habits, and they cover all of it. Yes, they cover everything you need to be successful, to be wealthy, to get whatever you want to.

The first habit is …

Reading. All you need to know and all you need to do has already been described by people who have already achieved what you want. Hundreds of millionaires have written books about how to become one. The knowledge is already there. You have to grab it and make reading your habit.

Read for at least 30 minutes every day; one hour is recommended. Many successful people spend so much time reading! But don’t read useless things. Always do research on what would be the most game-changing book for you, and read it first. Books are like with to-do lists — you always have a lot of options to read, but only a few of them are really important.

Bear in mind that the first habit is useless without the second one.

The second habit is …

Action. While you read so much, you should also implement these things in your life. I have met many people who read a lot, people who talk almost all the time about things they read here and there. But they don’t do anything with it. They live through someone else’s life. They do not have their own life.

Whatever you read, you should ask yourself: How can I implement this in my life? Did you read lately that it’s good to meditate daily? If so, do it! Try it. You’ve spent 10 hours reading a book, and you don’t have even 10 minutes to try the things from the book? Don’t be this guy.

These are the two most important habits of wealthy people.

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