9 Podcasts for the Ad Industry

Podcasts are a passion of mine. I listen to them constantly, for many different reasons. What I love most about the medium is the fact that you can download an episode for free and listen when it’s most convenient — despite whether or not you have an internet connection. That type of convenience provides access to a variety of shows depending on one’s preference. The content diversity that exists allows one to learn, stay informed, and be entertained.

In speaking with others about their preferences and listening habits, it is interesting to see the different ways in which people choose to interact with podcasts. Some treat them strictly as a form of entertainment, opting to listen to shows based on comedy or in-depth reporting. Others treat it as a learning tool, flocking to shows about self-help or interviews with high profile academics. The ability to personalize your exposure and the low barrier to show creation are some of the reasons why podcasts have seen a bit of a resurgence as of late.

Among other things, I listen to podcasts to stay informed and up to date with news from around the advertising world. The industry is very fast-paced and is continuously changing as brands’ behaviour continues to evolve. With these large-scale changes taking place, I’ve turned to podcasts to keep me abreast and informed.

With all that being said, here are nine podcasts that I’ve turned to for news and updates in the world of advertising.

This is a relatively new show from the Panoply network that is hosted by two female industry vets from NYC. 
Listen here.

The Creative Agency Podcast
A really insightful show about movers and disruptors from the agency world. 
Listen here.

Creative Pep Talk
A fresh take on what motivates and drives creative thinking, as well as many other topics and conversations.
Listen here.

Creative Mornings Podcast
An archive of all of the best lectures from the Creative Mornings series around the world. 
Listen here.

Don’t Get Me Started
Interviews from industry vets and instructors from the Creative Circus in Atlanta, GA.
Listen here.

Google Partners
Another show in its infant days, the show approaches all of its interviews with a consistent structure and theme allowing for easy listening. Listen here.

Real Famous
Another interview format show with industry veterans and creative disruptors alike.
Listen here.

Version Control
An agency show from the folks at Pound and Grain, each episode features a light and playful conversation about a new topic. Listen here.

Yeah, That’s Probably an Ad
From the talented staff at Adweek, each episode dives into what’s happening in the Marketing and Advertising industries. Listen here.

And there you have it. Please listen, subscribe, and enjoy all of the work that these talented groups of people are producing.

If you have any additional show recommendations then feel free to reach out to me and send them my way!