The hard act of start writing

A conversation between a procrastinator & his consciousness

Dear Gregory Milani,

This is the fifth time you are trying to start writing this blog post and get “distracted” checking your Facebook feed(dude seriously nothing have changed in the past 1 minute, chill), some random youtube video ( YES! It’s really, really important to watch a cat video right now!), and of course your cellphone.

Oh and there’s more!

If this wasn’t just enough, every time you start writing something, you change your mind, because for you it's just not good enough.

Let's take a look in some of the subjects you tried to write:

First you wanted to talk about design sprints and how this new process changed your way of working, and why people should embrace this method, but that wasn’t working right? It just got lost in your draft deposite.

Remember your second attempted? Oh this one was promising! You wanted to talk about roles of the modern work environment, but… you got distracted. Who cares? You have a second draft that you can always come back!

Hey, but seriously you haven’t done nothing!

Oh! I almost forgot about attempted number three. "WHY TO ONBOARD NEW USERS". This one started pretty radical, it had potential but it died once you left your house to meet some friends for a barbecue! First things first, am I right?

Well now is 8pm and you still have to finish something to submit today! You can continue procrastinating, getting lost in the WHOLE WIDE WEB or get your shit together and JUST DO IT.

I'm out!

Best regards, and good luck with this your consciousness

Dear consciousness,

It’s me Gregory Milani! It's been a while since we last spoke, maybe in May this year when we got hangover? Well… It doesn't matter, is good to hear from you anyway, and thanks for the feedback!

So let's get clear:

  • First of all I just wanted to let you know that you are not 100% right about me (partially) . This is not the fifth time I try to write this post (shame on you) is the third one (touché).
  • About youtube cat videos, really? I thought we were more connected, you know I’m a dog person so I wasn't watching cat videos (they are so 2012). The thing the kept me away from writing it was this video. I hope you enjoy as much as I did ;)
  • Last but no least important there's my phone. In this one you are right, but I bet you haven’t heard about groups on whatsapp? They are the worst, it's a non stop flood of messages that keeps you distracted. Have to mute this!

Another correction, now it's 8:30pm and I've still done nothing :P. I preferred going out, checking my Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin, Twitter, and guess what? It was GREAT!

I'm also out!

Hope you have a lovely sunday, Greg milani