This is the part where we remind those bragging “process” Sixers fans that the process has already…
Phil Ticknor

Or this is the part where we remind smug non-Sixers fans that the whole idea of “the process” was about committing to deliberately punting multiple seasons to increase the chance of building a true contender. The NBA is league mired in mediocrity where 42–40 seasons that get you to the playoffs are celebrated as “results”. The Sixers had their fair share of those seasons and, maybe, “multiple playoff exits” is an acceptable standard for you. However, after going through those seasons and not being able to build past that level using conventional means, having the organization try a new tack was a welcome change. The point about punting said season not resulting in even a playoff berth yet ignores the fact that just a playoff berth is exactly the status that the Sixers are trying to shed. It wouldn’t be a process and there would be nothing to trust if it was easy, a sure thing, and(or) only took one year.

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