Anger is Bad Fuel

I have been really thinking of this recently, and I had to write about it. Anger, and it’s other extreme emotions (hate, envy, passion) is simply bad fuel. I recently was told that I have a bunch of anger buried deep within, this is me starting the “digging out” process.

The argument people make, and I certainly bought into, is “I use my anger to channel my energy into great things”, “let me show you”, “I’m gonna make you eat those words”, and other extreme reactions comes with some proof in the world that it works. Many a people the anger from being called fat has produced some great human physical specimens, or the anger from being called stupid or a loser has created brilliant minds and millionaires.

However, and I think this is big, that “research” completely ignores the pollution that is produced as a side effect of that drive. These positions ignore the immense wear and tear that is put on our engines. This position absolutely ignores what happens when the initial anger has run out, when my gas tank is empty. What is true is that when my tank runs dry I MUST fuel it with more anger….and that right there is the mindblower. I create my own anger which will most certainly be self limiting and absolutely flawed.

The irony of this pattern is that what one ends up being left with after several tank fills is anger at myself, and therein lies the destructive power of allowing anger to be my fuel….it is simply not effective. This type of fuel is NEVER worth the costs that come along with it.