Letting Myself off the Hook

I mess up. In fact I know that I sometimes mess up a lot. I need to let myself off the hook. I know that when I am trying to enter the third generation of my life, where I am supportive and I am intensely self-aware, I have attained a lot of knowledge about the ability to maintain control of myself in all events, yet I don’t always succeed.

The truth is that in those moments of set back where I lose control of myself it is not that the knowledge I have has permanently left me, rather I temporarily left it.

I think for me right now, it is not so much about whether or not I falter or slip into not staying present, or allow myself to slip into a response to an event or person that is not ideal, it is how quickly I catch myself and snap back into control.

Stop. Regain my composure. Get Present. Make an appointment with my life.

It is all there waiting for me, it has not left me.