Career Revitalization — Marshal Your Resources

You have written down your career revitalization goals. You separated the goals into short-term, intermediate and long-term goals. You specified tasks that are measurable, achievable, realistic and time limited to achieve your goals. It is time to take action.

But first, identify and marshal your resources. You have already done most of the work by getting clear on the requirements for your perfect job and ideal career. Now, you need to focus on and organize resources to achieve your goals.

Organize your resources in these categories:

Career Revitalization Resources — Time

How much time can you spare to work on your career revitalization? Silly question, right. If you are working, you don’t have time. If you are not working, you may believe you have unlimited time. Both beliefs are wrong.

If you are working but are not satisfied with your job or career path, you must make time. How much time depends on how much pain or fear you are experiencing and how motivated you are to get on your ideal career path. Reading this post is a good start, but many people read lots of posts and career books and then do nothing. They are wasting their time if they are not also taking action.

Commit to working on your career revitalization for a fixed amount of time each week. Schedule the time and the tasks in your calendar, not just on you to-do list. Treat the scheduled career time as a top priority just like client work. Protect that time and if you must reschedule due to unanticipated events, reschedule the time during the same week. Even if you work late or come in early to do it. Unless you treat your career time as sacrosanct, it will end up as one of those items on your calendar or to-do list that keeps being carried, but never being accomplished.

How much time should you devote to your career revitalization? How bad do you want to find your perfect job? How quickly do you want to create your ideal career path to success, prosperity and personal fulfillment?

I urge you to devote at least 5 hours a week even if you are not facing any immediate fear or pain. If you are in a more intense situation, 15 hours a week is a good benchmark. And if you are not working, 40 hours a week should be a minimum. It will be difficult to reach these targets. You will most likely need to schedule time on the weekends, early mornings or late evenings. If you are not working, 40 hours may seem like a breeze if you were billing 50 or 60 hours a week when you were working. But, you continue to have other obligations. You may also pick up more household and childcare duties. Diversions magically appear. There are no real deadlines unless your financial situation is precarious. It’s easy to get to the end of the week and realize you haven’t worked on your career revitalization for your schedule time commitment.

Career Revitalization Resources — Financial

What are your financial resources?

If you are not working, how long until you need an income-producing job?

How much can you spend on career-related information and professional help? Do you have the financial resources to buy various professional assessments or subscribe to data resources? Can you find the money to hire professional consultants, advisers or coaches?

There are trade-offs. You may spend a little less of your time on the career revitalization process if you have the funds to hire professionals. These professionals can assist you in being more efficient and focused in you work and even doing some of the work for you. If your funds are limited, and you can’t afford outside help, you may need to spend more of your time on career matters.

Career Revitalization Resources — Family, Friends And Colleagues

Do you have family, friends, or colleagues who can help with you career revitalization? These are people that can help in ways beyond networking help. These individuals must have both the time and the skills to be a useful resource. Otherwise, they will just divert you from your primary focus.

When using family, friends or colleagues as career revitalization resources, you need to be careful. These individuals need clear roles. The desire to be helpful when they don’t possess the knowledge or skills, and the potential for emotions influencing judgments and advice are possible issues. Family members may be influenced by issues about money. Colleagues may be influenced by a desire to continue working together. You also need to be cautious when letting colleagues into your career revitalization process if you don’t want your current employer to know about your plans.

What resources will you use in your career revitalization process?


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Originally published at on August 23, 2015.

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