Top Ten: First Edition

I’ve been following LL’s Ten Things for quite a while and decided I’d quite like a crack at doing something similar. In this weekly blog I’ll share ten things I’ve seen, done, listened to, or absorbed in the last 7 days. I hope you find it interesting and it turns you on to something new. (Links in the headings)


#1 Alex Brooker on The Last Leg

Starting with something that I found incredibly moving (don’t get used to it). Alex Brooker talking about Paralympic gold medallist Alex Zanardi.


#2 Joe Rogan/ Louis Theroux x Scientology

If you love Louis’ documentaries and find Scientology fascinating this is the podcast for you. They also touch on internet censorship, religion as a whole and the upcoming US election. This is also available as a podcast via Rogan’s website.


#3 Vitas — 7th Element

One of the weirdest music videos I’ve ever seen, and I’ve rewatched about 50 times this week. Special mention to the audience who don’t seem confused by what is going on.


#4 J. Cole — 2014 Forest Hills Drive

An album and artist who went underneath my radar, a grammy award, 300k selling album that went beneath my radar. One of my favourite albums of this year… from 2014.


#5 Cuaderno No 5

We had guests this week and they were kind enough to bring us this amazing quiz book covering all manner of topics with top notch illustrations. Que guay!


#6 Gif of the week



#7 The Best Kept Secrets of Business People

Sounds gross, but it’s basically saying that successful people set aside time to think, breath and set small goals. I was fortunate enough to have a day like this yesterday, and I see things with a bit more clarity already.


#8 Tokyo Vice — Jake Adelstein

Due to the fact I’m visiting Japan in two weeks, and I’m turning into my father, I decided to read this book about the Tokyo underworld. Adelstain is the only American journalist ever to have been admitted to the insular Tokyo Metropolitan Police press club.

#9 A Long Read… on Purple Aki

If you’re from the North West of England, like I am, you’ll be fully aware of Akinwale Arobieke’s place as a cult figure, boogie man and butt of jokes. This article from the BBC goes into the darker, more tragic side and is really well researched. Highly recommended.


#10 The Berlin Marathon

Training has come to an end, and this weekend I’ll be lacing up my shoes and hoping for a PB. I ran the race last year, with injury and I’m hoping to be a bit more comfortable on Sunday.

This year I’ve decided to raise some money for The Alzheimer’s Society, a cause close to my heart, so if you’d like to donate and get me through those final kms, go here.

As a gift to you for sponsoring me; here’s my at times beautiful, at times disgusting, Berlin Marathon playlist:

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