What Is Stader Labs (SD)? SD Token Details

  • Detailed information about tokenomics and how to store, buy and sell SD Token.
  • Development roadmap and team, strategic partners of the project.
  • Some projects are similar to Stader Labs so that you can evaluate the development potential of this project.

Let’s find out together!

What is Stader Labs?

Stader Labs is a staking project that helps users simplify the staking process and provide the best return adjusted to the risk of the principal.

Stader Labs aims to expand profit-making staking from conventional assets to derivatives. In the long run, Stader will become a DAO platform and development teams can build scalable staking solutions.

Stader Labs Highlights

Stader Labs is the solution to problems related to authorization such as:

  • Performance monitoring and re-authorization: Authorizers monitor the performance of validators and react to unsatisfactory performance.
  • Reward: Delegators need to invest time and effort to track, monitor and distribute rewards to validators in the most equitable manner.

So, how does Stader Labs solve these problems? Stader provides a staking performance management platform for delegators as follows:

  • Improved UX/UI of delegators: Customizable interfaces, products and tools to ensure that performance, asset management,… and related issues are resolved in the most efficient way.
  • Generate a return equivalent to the staking risk and liquidity of the staking asset: provide access to cross-chain Lending protocols, liquid staking derivatives, gamify staking pools,…

Looking for more information: What is Staking? Staking guide for newbies

Token Stader Labs (SD) Information

Key Metrics SD

  • Token name: Stader Labs.
  • Ticker: SD.
  • Blockchain: Terra.
  • Token Standard: Updating…
  • Contract: Updating…
  • Token Type: Utility, Governance.
  • Total Supply: 150,000,000 SD.
  • Circulating Supply: Updating…

At the time I made the article, the project did not provide the above information, when there are detailed updates, I and the team will update later.

SD Token Allocation

  • Rewards + Community Farming: 40%
  • Teams & Advisors: 17%
  • DAO Managed Fund: 15%
  • Ecosystem Development Funds: 15%
  • Private Sale Investors: 13%

SD Token Sale


SD Token Release Schedule


SD Token Use Case

SD is a token used to:

  • Do Property Insurance.
  • As rewards for evil LPs, discounts,…
  • Making transaction fees on the system.
  • Is the project’s governance token.

How to earn and own SD Token


SD Token exchange & storage wallet

Roadmap & Updates

Currently, the project offers the following development roadmap (without any timeframe):

  • Stader V1 Launch: Debuted in the community farming event.
  • Stader V2: Unlock a variety of staking assets like liquid staking on LUNA.
  • Launching and integrating many other blockchains such as Solana, NEAR, EVM chains,…

Project team, investors & partners

Project team

The project team includes:

  • Sidhartha: CTO and Co-founder.
  • Vijay: Product Lead.
  • Dheeraj: Engineer Lead.
  • Vamshi: Protocol and Community Strategy.




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