The Tetrahedron

(Firewall-breach report on the Brunswick manifestation.)

To the Entities in Quarantine:

Twenty-two days ago, in the early hours of March 15th, 2019, an object in the form of a tetrahedron appeared in rural Iowa, approximately a hundred and fifty kilometers northeast of Des Moines, near the town of Brunswick. Our investigation team arrived three days later.

The object’s nature and origin are unknown. Police reports place the moment of its appearance between 1:45 and 2:07 AM local time (central daylight). By the time we arrived it was fully encircled by a heavy military blockade, which unfortunately prevented us from finding out anything whatsoever about its composition or internal structure.

Nonetheless, since the object is plainly visible from a distance, we’ve been able to make basic observations: its albedo is zero point zero six; its reflectivity is essentially Lambertian; its blackbody profile is in the range of twenty to twenty four degrees celsius; and it rises above the surrounding landscape five thousand four hundred and thirty meters. We’ve also detected a wide-reaching, stable magnetic field of zero point eight five gauss at a distance of four kilometers. This field happens to be aligned with Earth’s own.

The shape of the above-ground portion of the object is a regular tetrahedron. We limited our investigations to line-of-sight positioning and triangulation, all conducted from well beyond the perimeter, so our measurements have a margin of error measuring in meters, however accounting for those tolerances its shape is perfect. Little of its below-ground geometry is known.

It’s spatial orientation aligns with Earth’s gravitational and rotational arrows; one flat surface rests level on the ground, and its footprint describes an equilateral triangle pointing due east.

Additionally, some information escaped into public awareness before the government blackout took effect. We obtained these data variously by pulling police reports, war-driving, decrypting government communication (when possible) and talking to locals. We gained two major insights.

First has to do with the tetrahedron’s mass. Its footprint covers four major highways and dozens of smaller roads, and at least five vehicles impacted the object at speed in the pre-dawn hours following its appearance. Police reports describe surfaces that were solid and variously smooth. One report mentions that it “feels like solid rock” and “doesn’t sound hollow.” Nor did the object’s surface take any damage from the impacts, despite two fatalities and heavy damage to the vehicles themselves.

This in turn gave us clues about surface structure and composition. Whatever may exist further into the interior, we believe the surface must comprise at least thirty centimeters of some kind of solid, dense “hull” material. Plugging that into structural models, we speculate a lower bound on the object’s mass of about one billion tons (mainly hollow) and an upper bound in the realm of six hundred billion tons (fully solid).

The other insight regards the manner of the tetrahedron’s arrival, and our reason for using the term manifestation. As mentioned, some indeterminate portion of this thing is embedded below ground. Given no records of recent seismic activity in the region, we ruled out any kind of arrival by impact. It’s possible the object either gently touched down, or manifested in-situ.

A gentle touch-down would have left visible evidence, like crushed trees and a deep vertical depression in the topsoil, but this is inconsistent with police and local reports. Reports vary widely, but three themes emerge in our analysis:

  • Surrounding turf and roadway adjoin directly to the object. No gaps, depressions or signs of a crush-force event are visible.
  • Trees and structures seem to be embedded in, or emerging from, the side of the object. One report describes an adjacent barn which was shorn off at a plane, and which partially collapsed.
  • All attempts to dig underneath the object (there were at least three) found the surface to continue undifferentiated. One of these efforts reportedly extended fifty feet deep.

Again, all of this is second-hand information, but the council is in agreement that these reports suggest an in-situ manifestation rather than a gentle touch-down, and that any material intersecting its volume was either subsumed into the volume or displaced elsewhere.

Unfortunately, wide scale evacuation is now underway and the military blockade is expanding. We’ve already taken severe risks in attracting official attention, and so terminated our investigation.

Even so, we’ve gathered enough intelligence to report that this event does indeed meet the criteria for the expected ELRI contact described in our briefing last year, and is why we feel justified breaking quarantine again to re-establish contact with you. All raw data is included in the attached archive. We hope you’ll respond soon with further insights and instructions, as the situation is causing increasing unrest around the planet.

End report.

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