Lessons in Analytics from MacGyver
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I agree and disagree.

I agree that this reboot is basically another ‘Technology can do anything’ series premise. That robs everything fun about the original, which was more like:

“The bad guy won. It is impossible to stop the plan / escape / save [whoever].”

“Here’s the solution. I just needed these three nearby items that no one else would notice or think to combine.” (Mac)

Still, it was a TV show. In the 80s.

I watched the first episode of the reboot. Man, computers can still do anything on TV if you type fast enough. MacGyver was just another ‘action hero with attitude’, and that episode ripped off the first episode of Scorpion. Poorly.

I agree that it’s a good analogy for today’s analytics world. I disagree with why this is problem.

The issue is the reboot cycle and how well marketers use it. The content of the new show is relevant to “the bottom line” only after it’s been bought and shot (implemented). The name and the faces were relevant when producers were trying to get the contract (and check) signed.

Most vendors (sales and services) know how to put on a good show. And most companies buy one of the first few products they review, if not the first, based on the marketing.

I’m old enough to remember when Crystal Reports got huge on the same marketing I see for analytics products today. Exactly the same marketing.

Someone just resurrected the right buzzwords and pointed out that the last generation of BI tools are outdated. Some way most reboots get sold (well, that plus nostalgia).

By the time the lack of substance is apparent, the check is written and the salesmen are gone. Can’t see behind the mirrors until the smoke clears.

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