mothers day

i remember back when daddy went away

at only 5 years old, it was my darkest day

but you dried my tears and held me tight

you told me everything would be all right

oh mama, i’m grateful for all the love and affection you’ve given me

and i wish i could tell you it was enough but a boy still needs a daddy

i don’t know what you said or what you did to make him go away

i only wish, for your child’s sake, you’d have convinced him to stay

for many a year it was just you and me

broken but loved and still able to be happy

but then came the day you met him

that was the day my hope grew dim

i know you were lonely, i know you were depressed

a knight in shining armor came along and you were impressed

with his attention and his promise of financial security

but did you ever consider what would become of me?

mama, you always gave me love and you gave me care

but replacing daddy is still so much more than i can bear

but it’s mothers day, so put aside the guilt and the shame

cause i still love you, even if for daddy you are to blame

happy mothers day mom

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