Dottering old fool?
David Cearley

your self destructive greed is what’s breathtaking. you bought into the false promises of a system that enslaved you. unfortunately it’s my generation that has to pay the biggest price for your ignorance. you actually got somethong from it, albeit pennies on the dollar while the 1%ers reaped the rest. there is literally nothing left for me. my future has been stolen. i got a fucking college degree and the only jobs available to me are at mcdonalds and fucking walmart. i would have to move to austin if i wanted to get a slightly less shitty job earning a little more but, trouble is, i cant afford to move there or even buy a car to make the hour long commute. so i’m forced to live with my mom and stepdad, an asshole boomer who preaches the same pro-capitlist bullshit you do.

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