The Art of Rejoicing

People celebrate and rejoice for many reasons.

Have you rejoiced lately? Jews are currently celebrating Succot and part of that celebrating requires rejoicing. In fact, the very last day of the is Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah. Simchat Torah actually means rejoicing with the Torah. How is it possible to leave tbe comfort of your home to dwell in a temporary shelter and rejoice? I think it is possible when we look at some of the aspects of this holiday and the connect to this season on the Jewish calender.

One of the names for Succot in the…

We are more conscious of the food we feed our bodies than we are of the food we feed our souls.

I was having a conversation with a friend a little more than a month ago. I asked her if she was ready for Rosh HaShana? She immediately said “no. Then she asked me, “are you ready?” I hesitated to answer. She then asked me,”what is on your menu?” She said “you see, neither are you.” I think she was probably talking about hosting and the food that she would feed her guest.

The reason I hesitated to answer was…

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Each individual in a community has talents and skills that are important for the survival of the community.

One of the themes of Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur is community. Many of our prayers recited for these holidays are in the plural. They express a sense of community. We call HaShem, our Father, our King in the Aveinu Malkeinu prayer. The vidui, or our confessions are also in the plural. Although each and every one of us may not have done the things that we confess, we still confess as a community. …

Did you know, joy and happiness can be found and experienced in something as simple as watching bumblebees collect nectar?

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Do you know someone who’s very negative? They constantly let you how bad everything is and never see any good. They suck the life, right out of you?

I remember a story about a guy named Sonny who had a friend who was very negative. He would constantly share his negative opinions with Sonny.

One day Sonny was able to purchase a dog that had a very special talent. It was able to walk on water. …

Very nice Rewett

Is kindness a part of human nature or something we learn?

I had a flat tire about a year ago while driving in the morning, around rush hour. I was able to stop my vehicle on the side of the road at a busy off-ramp of a major highway. No-one stopped to ask me if I needed assistance or help of any kind. I guess they figured that I had AAA or some other type of roadside assistance. I thought it strange that no one offered to help or assist me. …

The success of a society depends on the integrity and character of the leaders

Can you remember back to school, when you were chosen to be the first in line? How did it feel to be the leader and have everyone else follow you? This was literally positional leadership. You were the leader because you were the first person in line.

The kind of positional leadership we may think of today is someone at the top, who is in charge, telling people what to do. …

Elul is a great time to take stock of where you are in your relationships and to rebuild broken relationships…

The month of אלול Elul began this past Sunday on the Jewish calendar. Why is that significant? Rosh HaShana is less than thirty days away and Yom Kippur is less than forty days. Rosh HaShana is not only the Jewish new year, but it is also the day of hearing the shofar, the day of remembrance, and the day of judgment.

Return to the way of tzedakh

I think Rosh HaShana is sort of like an annual review or evaluation…

Life is full of choices and possibilities, but how do we choose which is best for us

Have you ever stopped to think about how many choices you have or how many decisions you make in one single day? For instance, did you stay in your nice cozy bed or get up and go to work. That was probably the first of many choices and decisions you made today. Do you remember the first decision you made in your life? Was there a certain food you didn’t like and you chose not to eat it? …

It’s the Right Thing to Do

Is charity all about giving money….

I have a coworker, we’ll call her Sally, she is very nice and she is inquisitive. Sally genuinely wants to learn and know about different cultures and religions. She said to me, “so tell me about tzedakah”. I began my short explanation.

צדקה(Tzedakah) is from the

Hebrew word צדק(righteous).

I believe if you were to ask some Jews today, “what is tzedakah”, the answer they’ll give you is “tzedakah is charity”. The children in many Hebrew schools are encouraged to bring money for tzedakah. …

Rabbi Gamliel Respes

life coach; husband; father; financial hygiene coach; speaker; inspiration through Torah; a lifetime pursuit of excellence; leadership; personal development

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