How to stay competitive when you work part-time

Greta Faccio
Feb 10 · 4 min read

Part-time at work, full-time for you.

Working part-time is the perfect answer for anybody seeking more time for the family or wishing to pursue a secondary interest. Hobbies, startups, blogs and many online shops have started as side businesses.

Working part-time can allow the right time to devote to what you love, but it can also hinder your career. Part-time work still has a stigma and can harm your chances of receiving a promotion.

Part-time in the office, part-time pursuing your hobbies.

We live in a competitive world, where we get considered not only on our personality traits, but in terms of numbers, number of jobs had, number of projects, numbers of children, number of members of your network, number of hours spent doing a certain task. Working fewer hours can make people look less committed to the society.. and subject of envy!

It certainly difficult to race with someone working more hours that you do. How can you keep competitive? How can you avoid slowing down your career and personal development?

It is difficult however sometimes to quantify what really contributes value to our life and enriches our hours. It would be a pity that what we like is actually hindering our possibilities of advancing our quality of life. Pity to leave it out of the CV.

If settling for the current situation is not an option and you are unease picturing yourself in a day like today in twenty years, there are some things you can try. This will keep you simulated and result in a varied CV, nevertheless giving you more chances for a future career jump.

Very often it is a matter of showing passion and dedication not only to your work but as a person.

Working part.time doesn’t mean your expertise is reduced

While keeping proactive and demanding for stretch assignments at work, you can also engage in activities that keep you in contact with others while showing off your skills.

Ideas span different fields and only a few can match your attitude, have a look and think about how to embrace any of these idea.

  1. Attend an online course

Online courses are becoming readily available for even a small budget and, at the same time, some of them are extremely serious and time-demanding. The certificate is not just a few clicks away. Hours are spent reading, analysing, and interacting with the other participants. The best side-effect of online courses is their ability to make you reflect on your situation and thus grow, not only on the topic of the course. The topic of choice can be something that will benefit your regular job and thus help you advance, or your passions.

2. Focus on your eating and health

Investing in yourself is always the best investment. How about spending the your free half day taking care of yourself. Sport and good food can be also budget-friendly. Nutrition has major influence on our well-being. Clear thinking, a good attitude and resilience can all be fed with a good and healthy diet.

3. Keep active in social networks focusing on your field of expertise

Working part-time doesn’t mean that your competences are reduced or your committment, Keep your expertise visible by engaging in professional event outside work and in social networks.

4. Start podcasts about your expertise

By disseminating short lessons on topics your are familiar with and that are based your expertise, you can grow your persona and your network. In addition, you keep up-to-date with technologies.

5. Write pieces about your expertise

You can divide your knowledge and experience into focused topics and relate on them in short pieces. Online magazines, specialised magazines, blogs, and events will be happy to publish them or invite you to present.

6. Start your own meetup

Working part-time, you might sometimes left out of the fast-paced world. One way to keep involved and having the excuse of leaving the house. You can, of course, just join one already existing.

7. Set up a newsletter

This is something you can do while commuting using your phone. By combinig the intersting articles you came across in the last week or so and emailing it to your friends, you can start a newletter. If your friends help, this will grow and affiliate marketing can be just astep away.

At last… start a social movement, is there a cause you feel at heart? How about getting out there and talk about it. Make a blog, join an NGO, make your voice heard!

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