We need to talk about Accessibility on Chatbots
Caio Calado

Very appreciative you took the time to write on this topic. We need more articles circulating about accessibility and bots. 
In your writing, something wasn’t quite fair in your perception of the blind. You wrote:

“I was really surprised to know that she can fully take care of herself and go around using her phone and guide dog.

She uses her phone and her dog as interfaces to do something that (unfortunately) she is not able to.”

There are some assumptions that a blind person is incapable of walking about on their own, but that isn’t accurate. There are plenty of blind individuals who use canes and no phone. And regarding “fully take care of herself” – we all have various abilities that render us independent or dependent on others and on devices. I think of numerous times I, as a sighted person, was absolutely dependent on my phone’s navigation.

It takes courage to write about disabilities, but it also requires empathy in imagining how the subject (the person) might feel in reading our written perceptions of their daily life. Just something to think about.