Joy in Politics this Season: The How

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One catch to the outcome of the recent mid-term elections here in the U.S. is this: How do we carry any and all the goodness forward? Where do we go from here?

I think this is perhaps the most important inquiry, and I hope you too have, or will soon, give it some serious, loving consideration.

First, I’m making the case that the mid-term results are good; that is, many Democrats won their races, and the main story is the House of Representatives now has a Democrat majority. The benefit in my view is the re-balancing of power that thus now takes place. Balance and moderation nearly always bode well; the one-party power of Republicans in both the executive and legislative branches of the U.S. government wasn’t sustainable or healthy in the long run. Too much of a good thing, a bad thing, anything, inevitably moves toward burst, bust, or collapse. Same is true if Democrats wield too much power.

But why? I’ll use the terms my husband does to describe what he deems the two fundamental states of being: inclusion and alienation. At any instant, a sentient creature can recognize her/himself as included in the group which surrounds, or alienated from that group. In this binary reality, included = Ok, loved, protected, understood, and alienated = not Ok, rejected, in danger, not understood.

In this 2018 election cycle the U.S. achieved a measure of inclusion for Democrats, a seat at the Washington table, where for two years they’d suffered alienation.

You might recognize that alienation — at this time in our nation’s socio-political-economic history — is the defining character, emotion, dynamic. Yes, ’tis true. So, I’m proposing that we all think about and work toward replacing alienation as a strategy, because that’s its most potentially destructive role. And it’s the most seductive role too, because it’s so easy to deal with people who disagree with you — who hold different values, world views, historical narratives, and cosmologies — by making them ‘Other’, by alienating them. See, how alienation becomes a strategy, and not just an unfortunate byproduct of disagreements?

Three basic notions operate as the foundation for my proposal not to alienate your fellow humans whom you don’t see eye-to-eye with.

(1) The fundamental ideas that Republicans and Democrats hold, and that make them separate camps, still exist and drive any one individual toward one camp or the other. What role should government play in our everyday lives? And, what role should the U.S. play in the world? These two questions define our main political parties in the broadest terms.

(2) This one’s quick, positing that (1) is not only ok, but good in itself — to have opposing big views that cause a tension from which creativity, innovation, and productive compromise can arise.

(3) Alienation is not the inevitable result of differences of opinion, while differences of opinion are the inevitable result of the exquisite fact that each human mind is unique.

Finally, I come to the ‘how’ of knowing and experiencing the joy of politics. You might already have nailed it in your own amazing mind (every mind has an infinite potential, best nurtured by compassion from its surroundings). The joy in participating in our democracy springs from pro-active inclusion. The joy in doing one’s part to make our government on all levels of, by, and for the People generates from pro-active inclusion, from being both a giver and a receiver of said.

Forget for a while the specific celebrity style persons and personalities that embody the different ‘parties’ and factions, for they are but mere embodiments, driven by human egos. We all have and need egos, but it helps to periodically think outside one’s own and those of all the other humans. If we can do pro-active, fully conscious inclusion of all those in the ‘other’ camps, then good will & well-being follows, expands, and feeds back on itself in a most marvelous way.

We step back and survey the state of our society, as a collective whole, in the wake of the mid-term elections and moving into the depths of the holiday season. Do we, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Tea-Party-ers, etc. go in fighting? We’ll gather at all sorts of parties and events, with family, friends, co-workers, and others with whom we share our lives in some way. Do we go in fighting?

No, we needn’t.

We could, instead, go in for the ‘big inclusion’. The big anti-alienation. We could move into the holidays, the New Year, the new re-balanced post-mid-term political landscape in a mode of trust — that our differences don’t necessitate mutual hatred or disdain. Our differences provide opportunities to hear each other out, and for you even to hear-out someone else when they’re unable to do the same for you. Agreeing to disagree and yet still choosing to honor the ‘other’ allows for a moment of transcendence. I’ll be practicing this mode as much as I can from now on.

I’ll be closely watching the Democrats and Republicans, especially the folks in Congress, to see who uses the inclusion approach. And I’ll bet you a dollar that it’s the ones who resist the sentiment and show of alienation (as crowd-pleasing as it seems these days) — I’ll bet that those representatives of the People actually get things done in D.C. The non-alienators will likely pass more legislation supported by more of the population. And they’ll be known as the elected ones who helped lead the country not only back to a more highly functioning state-of-being, but also to one that is evolutionary, revolutionary, and something we’ll be able to remark about, “Hey, look at what we’ve all co-created. We’re all in this together.”

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Thank you for reading. Please write to me with your responses, reflections, questions, or concerns. My email:

Love, Light, Peace, and Power for you until next time.

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[All text by and copyright Greta von Kirchmann]

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