Publicly undermined by the Trump administration, a repurposed Bureau of Federal Investigations is repeatedly forced to engage up the totem pole.

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Today’s FBI has a different image in the public eye, amid serious political turbulence. Source: Wikipedia

Most of us construe the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) as an almost exclusively layman-targeted federal agency. Meanwhile, it has become most visibly needed over the last several months in sorting out an unprecedented mess within the executive, legislative, and judiciary branches.

Donald Trump, whose own legitimacy and fitness as president is under scrutiny by the same entity, continues to publicly attack the FBI’s credibility. As a result of potentially criminal developments, the agency has been re-invented in multiple…

The seemingly overlooked behavior, if real, would undoubtedly disqualify the nominee, had there been a real attempt at getting to the truth.

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Judge Kavanaugh grimaces during his hearing remarks on September 27, 2018.

Today’s hearing on a potential seat for Judge Brett Kavanaugh at the country’s highest court yielded an odd, and probably overlooked red flag. In a jaw dropping display of poor character and with intimidating reactions, Judge Kavanaugh became combative, and even aggressive at times.

The visibly angry nominee’s constant grimace was more than bizarre. Slurred words such as “conclusion”, “senator”, and “welcome” could very well be signs of being under the influence, which is, of course, hard to…

As the world’s brightest minds chase a mirage of guaranteed success in the land of opportunity, widespread perception of exclusive rights to a STEM workforce spearheading humanity’s most notable advancements cast doubts on migrants’ own ability to help their homeland thrive.

In the aftermath of Hurricane María, trust in the United States’ support and prompt rescue, expected by default, soon faded into collective disillusion. Poorly equipped inhabitants of Puerto Rico privately mourned and coped with their sudden descent from developed into developing country conditions.

When reality hit, countless stood perplexed: the empire they regarded a heroic empathizer had indeed abandoned…

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The chief of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Scott Pruitt, has resigned amid allegations of unethical dealings and public outrage over several of his controversial policies and inappropriate actions.

As we brace for another Trump nominee, the question of fitness comes to mind, yet again. In a time when qualifications seem irrelevant, the country’s environmental stewardship plans and our ability to keep a safe environment for our children are at increased risk.

In the search for an EPA chief, what are we looking for? After all, the agency is only charged with ensuring that Americans have clean air, land and…

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Scott Pruitt. Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

Scott Pruitt has resigned as the head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The embattled ex-chief, completely uneducated on environmental science, made history in mounting one of the most vicious and deliberately orchestrated implosions of a U.S. federal agency. As ethics investigations pick up steam, Pruitt leaves behind low morale and distrust in a wrecked institution stripped of power, along with promises made to lobbyists and industry giants. Scandals and allegations of abuse and misuse of government resources have plagued the former Oklahoma Attorney General, as public discontent escalated in the last several weeks.

Pruitt was appointed chief of the…

Despite its official use as part of the U.S. government’s humiliating immigration vocabulary, a human child does not deserve to bear the name “alien”. In a child’s mind, that word typically refers to an unpleasant, out-worldly, fictional character that is often laughable — yet, this term is purposely thrown around carelessly by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to dehumanize naïve, undocumented young persons arriving in border towns. That is just the start of a cold series of acts by which these innocent victims, here to escape violence and severe poverty, are processed.

Federal authorities systematically devalue children…

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Northridge Academy high school students pour into Cal State Northridge to protest gun violence for National “Walk Out” Day on Apr. 20, 2018.

As we “helplessly” watch in horror, stupefied by school shootings striking the country relentlessly, the number of lives lost to legally-acquired assault rifles and shotguns continues to rise. The growing wave of terrifying massacres and mass murders in the United States is, inevitably, bringing sporadic attention to the issues surrounding the all american, highly-protected gun rights.

Yet, less important issues with much lower cost to out society, if any, constantly steal resources away from potential solutions that would prevent the heartbreaking sight of weeping students and distraught parents outside these horrific crime scenes.

The tragic death of tens of minors…

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As a scientist and professor, I am mostly accustomed to thinking, asking, learning, teaching and answering questions in the professional sphere. As a humanitarian and environmental activist, mother, wife, short, Hispanic, female, I share thoughts with my family and friends’, for my own sake. Thus, I highly value this…

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