President-Elect Donald Trump
Elizabeth Warren

Ms. Warren,

I want you to know that you, above all others (besides FLOTUS) appear to have the interests of us little people first and foremost. For that I thank you- I also thank you for this article, as it made me feel better than I have felt since Tuesday. I am a 59-year old grandmother of 8. I spent 22 years working my way from an A.S. to a Ph.D while working full time,going to school full time, paying a mortgage, and raising three daughters by myself. I am drowning in student loans. I will die before I ever pay them off and my children (no 39, 34, and 32) will never own a home, despite the fact that they, and their husbands, work full time jobs. I live paycheck to paycheck and have not had a vacation since 1997. No IRA, no 401K, no savings.

Nothing this government has done has made sense to me for a very long time. When the government bailed out the mortgage companies- I did the math. If the government — had instead- taken all that money (which is money paid by taxpayers) and divided it among every home owner in America- it would have paid down or paid off their mortgages- (thereby saving the mortgage companies) and put much more money in people’s pockets which would have subsidized our economy. Why did no one even consider that?

Why is there not one tax rate -for everyone? 10% across the board? That way everyone pays a fair share?

Why do we have to pay interest on student loans?

Money does not trickle down it trickles up. The current idea that money at the top equals money at the bottom is ludicrous. Think of a mighty river that starts in the mountains- as the water roars down the canyon and into the valleys, it gets siphoned off- through dams and irrigation- 1,000 miles downstream it is an intermittent stream that is dry most of the year.

Well I am not a politician- merely a lowly biologist- but to me these ideas make sense and put us little people first.

Thank you,

Dr. Gretchen Padgett-Flohr