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Shannon Myers

Hey Shannon Myers — sorry for the late response to your very important question. My parents 50th anniversary celebration and a new class I’m teaching had me really distracted. You bring up a really really really good question and I will do my best to answer it. The answer is — it depends on a lot of things. As I said at the start of my article, this topic really triggers people. When people are triggered they are in fight or flight mode. When that happens at work, well…..it can have some negative effects. So, it depends on:

Your company’s culture — How open they are to discussing sensitive topics

How you present it — Presenting it in the mindset of “everyone is smart, everyone is good — this could give people an opportunity to do more of what they want — be good” will really help. Meaning — We have so many great advocates — I thought this article might help them do more of what they are already doing. Any time I approach a man on this subject I acknowledge they are an advocate before I say anything further. I learned this from a lot of discussing the issue of women in tech openly (after I left the tech industry)

Who you present it to — I would talk about it privately with the biggest advocate in the company — male or female.

In all difficult conversations (and it might not be difficult, depends on company culture) — finding a win-win is the important thing. How can they win based on what they care about? I hope that helps! I’ll respond faster if you have any additional questions :D

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