This is great — you bring up a lot of important points.
Daniel Staudigel

Oh. Daniel Staudigel. Yes. Thanks so much for pointing that out! If Unconscious Bias training involves judging people because of their biases or making them believe certain things that doesn’t work. I hadn’t heard of the test type. That doesn’t sound fun. I believe a big part of the big divide in our country is over a growing tendency of people telling others how to think and telling them they’re bad they think that way (people in every party do it — its a bipartisan activity) Same thing plays out at companies when we mess with people’s values and belief systems. When I speak about unconscious bias training, I mean to raise awareness that we have unconscious bias so people can more clearly communicate what they want to — in a workshop, not a test. If there are tests I will be more clear on what type of unconscious bias training I am talking about.

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