Tour Versailles Palace in just a Minute

Ah, Versailles… A palace that was built during the reign of Louis XIV simply because royalty could. A palace for pleasure, luxury, and let’s be honest, escapism from the obvious poverty in Paris throughout the 17th — 19th century. Although the royal family was forced to move out of the palace and face the harsh reality going on in Paris during the French Revolution, the palace remained in tack. Fortunately for us, Parisians decided the palace was significant enough to maintain and even restore after all these years for tourists from all over the world to come and enjoy! To get to the palace from Paris, just take the RER C from the city. When you get to Versailles, buy your entrance and audio ticket for just 18 euros. If you are planning to do a lot of touring in Paris, consider purchasing a Paris Pass for great details and access to other popular sights in the City of Lights.

When I visited Versailles in September, it took 4–5 hours to tour the entire palace and it’s garden. Lucky for you, I put together a minute highlight video that gives you a glimpse of this glamorous château. Please, enjoy!

The song in this video is “Non, non, non” by Camiéla Jordana
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