Melania:“If He Tries To Touch Me Again, There Will Be No Need For Impeachment”
Allan Ishac

The Melania we needed was tamed, made docile, and compliant decades ago. I hope she acts on the anger that has to be simmering inside. Do you suppose she fear him and fears leaving him. Remember the poem, “My Last Duchess” where the duke has his wife killed because she displeased him?? Trumpy is nasty and vindictive and seems to have coopted any independence in his ex-es and he’s hardened and grown more ruthless since them. 
Still, I’m glad they don’t live together. I like that Barron is apart from the nation’s worst role model as a parent. 
If he were my husband, which he wouldn’t be, I’d like fire to his bed having liberally anointed it with some flammable liquid beforehand. (Sorry. If the FBI comes to your door, send them to me).

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