Whitmer Releases Infrastructure Plan, Announces ‘Fix the Damn Roads’ Tour

Gretchen Whitmer
Apr 3, 2018 · 2 min read


April 3, 2018

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Whitmer Releases Infrastructure Plan, Announces ‘Fix the Damn Roads’ Tour

Gretchen Whitmer announces “Fix the Damn Roads Tour” in Southfield

Whitmer’s plan will fix the roads with high-quality materials

SOUTHFIELD, MI — Today, Gretchen Whitmer released her comprehensive strategy to rebuild Michigan’s roads, bridges, and water systems the right way on the first stop of her “Fix the Damn Roads Tour” in Southfield.

Whitmer’s plan calls for rebuilding Michigan’s thousands of miles of crumbling roads using high-quality mix, asphalt, and concrete, implementing a strategy to save taxpayer money by digging less and building smarter so that when we dig up a bad road, we lay broadband cable, repair sewers, and replace road surfaces at the same time.

Whitmer’s plan will ensure every Michigander has access to clean, safe water, and properly fund our state infrastructure bank to pay for these projects and the good jobs they will create.

“To get ahead, Michiganders need a good job, and they need a way to get to that job,” said Whitmer. “Everywhere I go, people tell me we need to fix the damn roads. We’re going to fix them the right way, the first time, because Michiganders are tired of patch jobs that don’t fix the problem. It’s time to invest in Michigan to rebuild our state so that businesses can grow in Michigan and will want to move here.”

Click HERE to read the full plan.

Whitmer’s plan will:

  • Upgrade Michigan’s roads, bridges, and water systems
  • Invest in good infrastructure because it’s good for business
  • Make a bold investment in the Rebuild Michigan Bank, a state infrastructure bank that will pay for high quality upgrades and create thousands of good jobs
  • Implement a strategic plan to dig less and build smarter
  • Make commutes safer and faster
  • Ensure clean, safe water
  • Build a new Soo Lock
  • Connect more Michiganders to high-speed broadband Internet

Michigan’s roads are so bad they cost the average driver more than $540 a year, and in Metro Detroit, that number jumps to $865, but none of that fixes a single pothole.

More than 70 communities have drinking water systems with higher lead levels than Flint and billions of gallons of sewage currently contaminate our water ways.

Whitmer says it’s time to fix it and fix it right, because when we build good roads, bridges, and water systems, upgrade our electrical grid, and increase access to broadband Internet, it’s good for Michigan families and businesses.

We can attract the jobs of the future and help businesses grow right here in Michigan.


Gretchen Whitmer

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Democratic nominee for governor in 2018. Fighter for Michigan. Former prosecutor and Senate Democratic leader. Proud mom.

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