John Oliver’s Critique of Donald Trump Was Weak and Hypocritical.

Did you share John Oliver’s most recent video?

Did you write something like:

“I’m just going to leave this here…” or “THIS.” or “Everyone should be required to watch this before voting!”?

Okay, now take two steps back. What was so good about this video? What did you actually like about it?

I’ll tell you. You liked that John Oliver found a humorous and entertaining way to roast a character that you find threatening: Trump.

Okay, now take two more steps back. What do you find threatening about Trump? Is it that he’s a name caller? Is it that he focuses on punchy insults instead of actual policy? Is it that he’s creating a more polarizing America?

So…if you shared Oliver’s video…how are you any different? Wasn’t his critique a slew of name-calling, polarizing, punchy insults?

Yes, John Oliver is a comedian, and in a different category than a Presidential candidate. He’s allowed to make jokes. The problem is that his jokes were held up as a legitimate form of political discourse.

And in case you’re wondering, I don’t support Trump.

I do, however, support proper political discourse. Trump exists because political discourse sucks in our country. If political discourse was better, Trump wouldn’t exist. By stooping to Trump’s level, we are perpetuating his prominence. So stop.