On The Inadequacy of Language

The only time the construct “god” has worked for me in the past within the realm of communication is when I have used it to find my own responsibility in light of a particular situation. The god construct is one that posits a completely all-knowing being. In that light, there is nothing we can do to “hide” anything; it is all completely exposed. So, using the construct, there is no point to my own dissembling; I must be brutally honest with myself especially if I am trying to communicate to another. If I don’t take the time to be excavate what is really on my mind or heart, what my motivations are, why I lean toward choosing certain words or phrases, I slander myself, in a way. So, as a construct, I can see it being helpful because the black box becomes a glaring light on oneself. If your purpose is to go away, even if you are misunderstood, with a clean conscience, then by all means, shine that glaring light, speak your piece and feel absolved of any misunderstanding that may result. If your purpose is to be understood, you still need to engage with the other half of the equation. Perfect understanding, I’m afraid, will forever be elusive.