With evolution, compassion and reliance on companionship has made humans thrive unlike any other species. We have become the most dominant species on the planet by harnessing these relationships to allow us to grow. Every person you meet will make an effect on your life if you are able to empathize with that individual. Understand each other’s baggage that you bring to the table. Whatever that may be.

Whether it be coming from a low income family or having a poisonous family member. We all bring something different to the table, and we can learn from one another’s past and empathize with similar struggles that we may face.

I am a huge pot head. I smoke weed more than any body should.I suffer from anxiety and weed has honestly helped me coped with stresses in school, work and relationships.

When I refer to my anxiety, I talk about how my brain feels like it is just constantly racing for something else to worry about and pot slows down my train of thought. It allows me to relax and breathe and really evaluate if I should be worrying or not.

I question my self worth constantly. I have made a lot of bad decisions when it comes to relationships, second guessing everything whether that be my friendships or romantic relationships. I am trying to constantly to cope with my anxiety every day and manage my attacks. I started taking medication and talking to a therapist at the school.

I didn’t really like the thought of talking to anyone, so writing has been my escape….

That’s my baggage.

People may judge you for your baggage and what you carry in your suitcase.

Or they may envy what you have and not want anything to do with you.

And there may even be people that your lucky enough to help you carry your baggage.

Those are the people that you should want to surround yourself with. I am a firm believer that trust and empathy are the two building blocks to a strong relationship.

If you are able to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes and also be able to have an honest conversation with someone, then you are able to take on their baggage.

Developing relationships, lead to copious amounts of trust. When trust is broken, that relationship is broken, unless the two individuals are able to repair it. Which takes two parties that both want that to occur. I find that many people are not able to confront one another and be honest, that isn’t a healthy relationship.

If you aren’t able to tell your friends or partner how you really feel, which may lead to minor arguing, which can be dealt with instead of a massive fight that could blow up if no one communicates effectively. If you have a strong enough relationship you are able to manage these issues. Picking your battles is very important because there is always going to be certain quirks that you may have an issue with. These quirks are what allow us to gain different perspectives, helping us to peer into other’s lives

-grey goose