Saks Fifth Avenue vs Barneys New York

Compare and contrast homework:

For this week’s assignment, we visited a flag ship store of Barney’s New York. It was quite an interesting trip for the most part. I’ve passed the store many times on my route to classes to 180 and never really paid any mind to the store to begin with. However, compared to stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue in New York I’d have to say that Barneys is a bit more “exclusive” in its own right as a luxury brand store. Over the summer I had the privilege to go to New York for the summer — — one of the stores I was able to visit during my stay was Saks. And from what I remember of the floor lay out, it was in a way much bigger than the Barney’s New York in San Francisco.

Unlike Barney’s New York in San Francisco, Saks in New York had a lot of show rooms. From what I remember most of the designer show rooms were very minimalist and focused more on big name brands. In the sales rack there was Burberry and Calvin Kline — — just many big store brands. While Barney’s New York from last week’s field trip had brands I didn’t even know existed. So in some ways the biggest difference I recognized between these two stores is that Barneys sells more exclusive and or upcoming Designer brands (while Saks I feel will sell big designer brands).

Though I am pretty sure the aesthetic of every store would differ from east and west coast. I think both stores have about the same aesthetic. Both are clean, minimalist and focused more on presentation of the merchandise. Their clientele of course would be someone who has the money to spend on $1000 plus dollar designer brand items (everything is expensive — -enough to make a poor college student’s wallet hurt).

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