A Bad Idea for 'Fixing' Homelessness That Just Won't Go Away
Candace Faber

I can’t solve homeless, As a PTSD vet I know people who will never spend a night under shelter. But I CAN give you a Politically impossible fix for the some of the main causes.

  1. Nationalize all non-private roads, waterways, electric lines, cell phone towers, sewers, etc.
  2. Restart the Works Project Administration from the 1930’s. All workers hired by the WPA will work on the projects required to keep number 1 safe.
  3. No worker for the WPA can have more than a high school diploma. Anyone without one can join and be schooled to obtain one.
  4. Any worker for the WPA for more than two years in good standing qualifies for a Habitat for Humanity house.
  5. Any children of a WPA are REQUIRED to attend public schools with a Federal lesson plan. Home schooling, religious schooling and private schooling are NOT allowed.

CONS — This system will only work for approximately 10 years. People are not going to want to stay in the WPA once they top out the pay scale. (Did I mention that wages will be high enough that NO worker for WPA will qualify for any public assistance. i.e. no one has to work for Walmart, Amazon, etc that pay people less than a living wage.

PROS — We fix a trillion dollars worth of infrastructure. We force private companies to raise wages of workers. We give the less educated a dream of being able to support a family. We don’t have to move anyone anywhere. There is infrastructure everywhere. Once we start to stabilize the infrastructure we have a massive, federally directed workforce to work on the massive problems of Climate Change. We do NOT have to raise taxes since a large number of the WPA will be coming from those already on federal and state assistance.