The Greylock Glass
Jan 8 · 1 min read

The caustic attacks on both the content and the intent of this essay only serve to prove that backward-ass dirtbags who lob hate-bombs from behind the safety of their keyboards are still a separate, special problem, even though they don’t inflict quite the close-range personal discomfort that progressive white friends do. Do these troglodytes scour the interwebs all day searching for posts by people of color to which they can attach their micro-screeds? They’re cultural parasites, feeding off the creativity of people who actually have critical thinking skills, getting drunk off their own seething, bilious, fear-drenched prejudices.

Thanks for this great piece. Having been told “Wow! I was surprised! You’re actually a really good writer,” I absolutely get it 100%.

    The Greylock Glass

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