Congrats, Blend (NYSE: BLND)

Bringing Simplicity and Transparency to Financial Services

Congratulations to Nima Ghamsari, Eugene Marinelli, Erin Collard, and the entire Blend team on their IPO.

This milestone marks the tremendous progress Blend has made since its founding nearly a decade ago, when Nima and his team set out with a vision to bring the same level of simplicity and transparency to financial services that people have come to expect from any other modern industry.

Since day one, Blend has worked closely with leading financial institutions to reach millions of borrowers, rather than trying to disrupt the banks head-on from the outside. With a cloud-based platform that enables firms to…

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Coda: Powering the Maker Generation

Today, we are re-broadcasting our episode from last summer featuring Shishir Mehrotra. This conversation is part of Greylock’s Work From Anywhere podcast series hosted by Sarah Guo. Listen now.

Shishir is the CEO and co-founder of Coda. The company makes an all-in-one doc platform that allows workers to collaborate on projects no matter where they are in the world. Coda just closed a $100 million Series D round.

When Greylock general partner Sarah Guo spoke with Shishir last August, the world was deep in the throes of the…

Navigating the Media Ecosystem

Last week on the Greymatter podcast, Greylock marketing partner Elisa Schreiber and Greylock director of communications Kaitlin Durkosh were joined by Forbes senior editor Alex Konrad to discuss some of the basic rules of working with the press and PR.

This week, the three explore the evolving media landscape and how founders can approach relationships with journalists as well as public relations professionals and agencies. Also, the conversation dove deeper into how startup leaders should evaluate how their news fits into the broader landscape of media, including company-directed blogs, newsletters, and podcasts.

As discussed last week, among the first things…


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