Our Investment in Vessel

by David Sze

As investors, we place bets on world class teams with ambitious missions and disruptive business models. With this, I am thrilled to announce that Greylock is a lead investor in Vessel’s Series A, along with Benchmark and Bezos Expeditions. I’ll be joining their Board of Directors.

Jason Kilar is an inspirational and accomplished CEO with a long history
of building products people love. The entire Vessel team is world-class; they include co-founder and CTO Richard Tom and other veterans from Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix who each have deep experience building enduring consumer technology companies. They are the kind of entrepreneurs we love to work with — tenacious, humble, visionary, customer-focused, and relentless about innovating.

We look forward to partnering with Jason, Richard and the rest of the team as they build Vessel into an innovative platform for next generation video.