Why we choose our destiny

We born to play, educated, work, have a family, and die; That’s most of our destiny, initially.

We choose our destiny because we understand life is much more than just spending time without a sense of purpose on it. We choose our destiny, in essence, to prevent being a mere statistic in the history of humanity, the world, or the universe — to slow time down and to immerse in the universe itself.

Destiny is an odd thing. It both exist and not. If the great debate is the nature vs nurture, then destiny would be in the middle. Not because I believed in neither, but because I believe in both at the same time.

For most of people, destiny is real and they happily dictated by destiny. Some destined to be a great one, some destined as an ordinary person, some believe they’re cursed for their ill-fated life. For this people, destiny is real because they choose to stay at the predetermined destiny.

We all born in a world of Game of life where the objective of the game is to collect money, achievement, and have the highest amount of dollar at the end of the game. We got a random piece of physical figures, random starting point, and random initial financial position.

Along with the random starting point, we’re given a destiny, voiced by people around us. People at our environment, random people that happen to be almost exactly on our position, the very hand of the universe. A way how universe filter everything inside it. A test of nature where the unfit will be perished.

For the rest of us, the great joy of choosing our destiny is simply the luxury of taking a leap of faith into a great cliff of life, against what is set as our destiny initially, and to become one with the universe eventually. because after all, destiny and free-will both exists. if destiny is what is ahead, then legacy is what is behind.

As to every kind of thing, there is great consequences and price needs to be paid by us. The luxury of safety, and the certainty of uncertainty. So perhaps this is what Paulo Coelho meant when he said that “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”, but only if you want it bad enough. After all, it’s called a leap of faith. Put a doubt on it and it could kill your life more than failure ever will.

Understand that there’s someone out there bet his entire life to change his destiny from a beggar to be a king, and somewhere else, a king tries to find his way to be as free as a monk. When a famed actress seems wonderful to us, it only follows that a sense of privacy would seem equally wonderful for them.

For every person who choose their own destiny, every step is a leap of faith, where you’re left wondered whether you will make it or die trying. The biggest story of the history revolves at people who go against what’s written for them, from Genghis Khan to Colonel Sanders and to Howard Schultz. It’s about relentlessly experiencing both the fear and hope at the same time.