Friday night.

Someone wise told me once, what Charlie Munger said, “deserve to be successful; the world is not yet a crazy enough place that all non-deserving people get what they wish for. Deserve it first and then give the world time to catch up.”

Or something…

And so, at 11pm on a Friday, I put this thought on repeat in my mind, plug my headphones in, pump up the volume and tap away at my keyboard. My mind plays “deserve it” and clashes with the jamming instrumentals of some hip hop playlist I found on Spotify. It’s messy in there, but whatever, I left the most mind numbing work till last so I won’t have to think.

The trouble though, is that the mind numbing work allows some corner of the brain to tick despite the 14 hour work day. And now it’s a real mess: Jay Z meets Charlie Munger meets philosophical mental strolls. It has barely begun and it’s already exhausting.

Alt-tab to email. In the split second it takes for the screen to switch, I beg any higher power willing to listen, for a distraction…


Alt-tab back to the excel spreadsheet.

Sigh. Need to work, need to get home and sleep. 99 problems. Deserve it. F**K!